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  • Solar Certified

    Become Solar Certified with Step by Step Solar. The Trott Bailey University quickly takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about solar panel installation to installing a profitable solar panel system for your first customer.

  • Profit from Solar

    Solar panel installation is a multi-trillion dollar industry. The Trott Bailey University treats solar installation as a complete profit generating business even if you are learning the skill to grow your career, your resume or land a high paying solar energy job.

  • Step by Step Guide

    The Trott Bailey University treats each Step by Step Solar student like an absolute beginner. Our hand holding approach helps you skip the trial-and-error and get to the fun part of confidently installing a reliable solar panel system for your home or customer.

Meet the Multi Billionaire Creators of the Course

Meet the founders of the Trott Bailey University Mr. Kimroy Bailey, his beautiful wife Mrs. Sherika Trott-Bailey and their adorable baby Keilah Trott-Bailey. The Trott-Bailey family is currently on a world tour for the Step by Step Solar course. They have already visited 65 countries since they started the tour in January of 2018 and have another 90 countries to go :)

Learn how to Confidently İnstall a COMPLETE Solar Panel System

The Trott Bailey University will teach you how to install a solar system capable of powering a refrigerator, computer, washing machine, clothes iron air conditioning unit and home lighting in the Step by Step Solar Panel Installation online course!

Step by Step Solar Course curriculum

Over 34 HD video Lessons to take you from a beginner to a solar PRO!

  • 1
    Step by Step Solar Overview
    • Why we developed Step by Step Solar?
  • 2
  • 3
    Tools For Solar Installation
  • 4
    Simple Solar System Designs
    • How Solar Systems Work
    • System Design & Components
    • Calculating the Size of your off grid system
    • Solar Panel Design, Installation and Troubleshoot Animation Review
    • System Installation
  • 5
    Installation Preparation
    • Video: Complete Components Overview for a Basic Solar System Installation
    • Solar Panel Series Connection 101
    • Connecting your solar panel to the Charge Controller
    • Solar System Components Detail Breakdown
    • Solar System Design, Customer Proposal and Solar Budget
  • 6
    Batteries for your solar system
  • 7
    Visiting the Customer's site: What to Inspect?
    • Solar System: Customer Consultation
    • System design Example
    • Energy Audit Quiz
  • 8
    Installation Day on location
    • Project Planning Template
    • Intro to Roof top Solar Installation
    • Installing 12 Solar panels: How PV panels are connected
    • Installing a Combiner Box for 12 Solar Panel Installation
    • Solar System Test: Testing and Troubleshoot
    • Solar Panel Roof top Installation and Step by Step guide
  • 9
    Roof Top Solar Installations
    • Video: Complete Guide on How to install 8 Solar Panels on a concrete roof
    • Customer story ONLY 8 panels & 1 turbine! Jamaica Off Grid #2
    • Course Discussion
  • 10
    How to Prepare your Ground Mount Solar Installation for a Hurricane
    • How to Remove Your Ground Mount Solar Panels to Prepare for a Storm
    • How to Quicky Remove Electrical Connections for Your Ground Mount Solar Panels to Prepare for a Huricane
    • How to Finalize Electrical Disconnetion and Unmount Your Ground Mount Solar Panels to Prepare for a Hurricane
  • 11
    Step by Step WIND! How to Install a Residential Wind Turbine!
    • Video: How to add a wind turbine to your solar installation in 5 simple steps
    • Part 2- Step by Step 1kW Wind Turbine 🚩 from KimroyBailey.com Installation Guide for Beginners
    • Preparing the Tower For your Wind Turbine 1
    • Preparing the Tower For your Wind Turbine 2
    • Mounting Your Wind Turbine Tower Unto the Foundation
    • Preparing Wind Turbine Foundation
    • How to Ensure that your Wind Turbine Tower is Plum using 2 Levels.
    • How to Use Steel Reinforcement to Secure your Wind Turbine Tower In the Concrete
    • Preparing the Ply Box Structure for Pouring Concrete in the Wind Turbine's Foundation
    • Concrete Ratio for Cement, Sand and Aggrigate for Your Wind Turbine Foundation
    • How your Ply Wood Box Should Look Before Pouring Concrete
    • Preparing Your Second Rebar for your Wind Turbine Tower
    • How to Pour Concrete in Your Wind Turbine's Foundation
    • How to Check If Your Wind Turbine Tower Is Plum After Pouring Concrete
    • How to UnPack Your Wind Turbine and Assemble Your First of 5 Blades
    • How to Assemble Your Third Wind Turbine Blade of the 5 Blade Set
    • How to Tighten Your Wind Turbine Blade Using 12mm Socket Set
    • How to Smooth the Surface of your Wind Turbine Tower Concrete Foundation with a Finishing Trowel
    • How to Mount your 1kW Wind Turbine to the 22 feet Galvanized Steel Tower
    • How does a Wind Turbine Work
  • 12
    How to Prepare your Wind Turbine for a Hurricane or a Tropical Storm
    • How to Prepare Your Wind Turbine for a Hurricane, Storm or Typhone
    • How to Stop Your Wind Turbine From Spinning Using the Charge Controller to Safetly Work on the Turbine
    • How to Simply Remove the Entire Hub with All Blades from the Turbine to Prepare for a Storm
    • How to Remove Individual Blades from the Wind Turbine to Prepare for a Storm or Maintenance
  • 13
    Bonus #1: Commercial Solar Installation
    • Specification For Installation of Underground Conduit Systems
    • KBR SLD commercial solar 380V with SDB, Riser, MDP
    • StepByStepSolar Aluminium Solar Mounting Structure Desgin Manual
    • Step by Step Solar Budgeting Consideration for Commercial PV Plant
    • Step by Step Solar Specification For Installation of Underground Conduit Systems
  • 14
    BONUS #2: Starting up A Solar Installation Business
  • 15
    BONUS #3 How To Make a Residential Wind Turbine
    • How to Make Your Wind Turbine Hub from Galvanized Steel Pipe
    • How to Make Wind Turbine Base to Fit Your Tower Using Galvanized Pipe and Plate
    • How to Make the Base Mount for Your Wind Turbine
    • How to Check if Your Wind Turbine Base Mount Fits Your Turbine Generator
    • How to Finish Your Wind Turbine Base Mount Using Anti Rust Metalic Spray Paint
    • How to Use a Projector to Accurately Align the Holes For Your Wind Turbine Blades
    • How to Use a Drill to Bore Holes ın Your Wind Turbine Hub for Your Blades to be Perfectly Balance
    • How to Install the Blades Unto Your Wind Turbine Hub after boring Your Holes
    • How to Install the 1st and 2nd of your 3 Blades unto Your Wind Turbine Hub
    • How to Securely Mount Your Wind Turbine Base Unto the Tower
    • How to Mount Your Wind Turbine Hub Unto the Generator Using a 16mm Nut and Socket
    • How to Secure Your Wind Turbine Base Mount to the Tower Using a Metalic Tie Strap
    • How to Secure Your Wind Turbine Base Mount to the Tower Using a Metalic Tie Strap 2
    • How to Undertake Final Checks for Your Wind Turbine Installation
  • 16
    How to Install a Wind Turbine on a Concrete Roof
    • Step 1- Identify where on your roof is best suitable for a wind turbine installation
    • Step 2-Prepare the corroborated steel bars to secure your wind turbine tower in the concrete
    • Step 4- Prepare the concrete mortar for your wind turbine foundation
    • Step 3- Prepare the Concrete mortar for the wind turbine foundation
    • Step 5-Ensure your wind turbine tower is plumb
    • Step 6- Once wind turbine tower is plumb use additional steel to secure Foundation in concrete
    • Step 7-Removing wooden box support around your wind turbine foundation when concrete is dry
    • Step 8-Ensure your concrete finishing is neat
    • Step 9-Connecting the Electrical wire to your wind turbine generator
    • Step 10- Connecting the slip ring to the wind turbine generator
    • Step 11- Mounting the wind turbine generator into the tower
    • Step 12 - Wind turbine and Solar Electronics and Battery Connection

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